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Product Update: 3 Bank Automated Pour Mobile Bar

A self-service mobile bar unit at a football stadium
Boxbar's 3 Bank Automated Pour Mobile Bar

Following a successful debut at West Ham United FC’s London Stadium alongside Delaware North, and with more rollouts planned for the summer, we are proud to reveal the latest addition to our range of self-service drinks terminals, the all-in-one 3 Bank Automated Pour Mobile Bar.

This cutting-edge addition to our lineup has been designed to bring a new level of mobility and flexibility to bar service. Housing all stock within its compact design, the 3 Bank Automated Pour Mobile Bar is a complete bar operation on wheels.

Key Features & Benefits

One Unit, 3 Terminals, 6 Taps Serve three customers, pouring up six drinks simultaneously.

Lightning Fast Service

Serving up to 16 pints per minute.

Plug & Play

Setting up our new Mobile Bar unit is a breeze, taking less than 10 minutes with no complicated assembly or technical expertise required. Simply wheel it into place and plug it in.

All-In-One Design

This unit houses all its stock internally, including beer and cider kegs, spirits, postmix, coolers, carbonators and gas.

Small & Compact

The all-in-one design makes it perfect for tight spaces like sports stadium concourses or arena floors, taking up just 1810mm (W) x 800mm (H) x 830mm (D) per unit.

Versatile for Any Event Or Venue

Whether indoors or outdoors, this terminal is ready to serve. From sports stadiums to music festivals, it’s designed to meet the demands of any venue or event.

Serves Every Drink Type

Versatility is key and this terminal delivers, pouring beer, cider, wine, cocktails and up to eight spirit and soft drink products.

Fully Branded Experience 

With a large front available for branding, you have the space to really make your brand sing or to leverage greater sponsorship opportunities with partners.

A pink self-service mobile bar unit

If you’d like to book a demo to see our newest terminal in action or want to speak about how a partnership with Boxbar will reinvent beverage service for your business, get in touch today.

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