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Boxbar launches the world's first automated, self-serve drinks solution dispensing a complete beverage menu for events and venues

The live events industry is facing challenges like never before. For organisers, creating profitable events is harder than ever with escalating costs posing a serious risk to events and venues around the world. For customers, the demands for elevated experiences have never been higher yet the experience surrounding beverage service at major events is one defined by long queues, poor quality drinks and low customer satisfaction. Customers attend events to spend quality time with their friends and family, watch their favourite acts, make memories and enjoy the experience. Not to spend time in long queues.

We know that beverage sales are vital to the success and profitability of events and venues. That’s why it is essential that organisers maximise and optimise this process both for the better of their fans and the success and profitability of their events. And after a breakthrough year in 2023, working alongside the likes of The Warehouse Project, Secret Garden Party, Levy, Aviva Studios, Peppermint and many more, we are excited to unveil our brand new solution that delivers just that.

Boxbar in action at Secret Garden Party festival 2023.

Introducing Boxbar, the world’s first automated self-serve drinks solution for events, venues and festivals able to dispense a complete beverage menu, serving beers, ciders, wine, cocktails, spirit & mixers and soft drinks, all from the same machines.

The solution offers an innovative new approach to beverage service, with a more efficient process, a much improved fan experience and healthier revenues for events, venues and festival organisers.

Why should you go self-serve with Boxbar?

✅ Reduce queues

  • Lightning fast service

  • Sell more drinks, 360% faster than traditional service

  • A full transaction pouring two drinks in under 30 seconds

✅ Less wastage

  • Automated pours ensuring accurate measures every time.

✅ No theft or giveaways

  • Drinks only dispense once payment has been received.

✅ Reduce overheads and increase profitability

  • Traditional bars require significant infrastructure to set up and manage as well as incurring high recruitment and management costs.

  • Our streamlined turnkey setup reduces bar operations by up to 80%.

✅ More sustainable

  • Remove inefficient drinks cooling systems, reduce packaging, integrate with cup deposit schemes and more for a more sustainable bar operation.

✅ Happier fans

  • Faster service means your fans spend less time queuing and more time enjoying the event itself.

Our Machines

Boxbar provides a range of fixed and mobile automated self-serve drinks machines with flexible options that allow you to deploy to any event or venue in any location, including festivals, sports, gig venues and clubs, arenas and stadia, theatre and hospitality settings.

Fixed Machines

In-built Wall

Our space-efficient, any beverage wall solution is adaptable to any venue, offering full customisation to align seamlessly with your brand’s look and feel.

Mobile Machines

Freestanding - Greenfield

Designed for popup events, our Freestanding BoxbarLite terminal is ideal for festivals and outdoor locations reducing infrastructure.

Freestanding - Wheels

The ultimate in flexibility. Our freestanding unit with wheels is designed to be easily moved around venues, arena and stadia with hard floors.

Bar Top

The BoxbarLite Bar Top terminal is deployable in any venue, fitting effortlessly onto any bar top within your existing spaces.

If you’d like to speak to us about how a partnership with Boxbar will transform your beverage sales process and event outcomes, get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you.


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