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On tap for transformation: How Boxbar’s automated self-serve drinks technology is changing live events

In the ever-evolving landscape of live events, where every touchpoint contributes to the overall fan experience, a quiet revolution is bubbling up to the surface—one that is set to redefine the way we approach beverage service. Introducing automated self-service drinks technology.

The problem

Executing profitable events has never been more of a challenge. The current global economic landscape presents a major challenge to organisers with rising costs for venue rental, stock, infrastructure, energy, security, insurance premiums and more breaking into what were already razor thin profit margins. You only need to look at the alarming rate at which venues are shutting in the UK and beyond to underscore the difficulties and risks involved.

For fans, the desire for elevated experiences has never been higher, yet bar service at major events is still defined by large queues that keeps them away from the action and reduces overall spending. When as many as 79% of customers report they have actually left a venue due to excessive queuing (MCA) and 63% are put off buying food and drink altogether because of queues (Mintel), it is clear there is an opportunity for live events to make steps forward.

How do we turn it round?

It is essential that event organisers maximise and optimise the beverage sales process, both for the better of their fans and the success, growth and profitability of their events.

From faster service to enhanced customisation and a much improved customer experience, find out why self-service drinks technology is not just a trend but a new key component in the success of major events.

Reducing queues

Gone are the days of long queues, missing your favourite song or going thirsty in fear of extended wait times at the bar. Automated self-serve drinks technology brings a new level of convenience to live events, allowing attendees to quench their thirst without the hassle of navigating long and crowded queuing systems.

With Boxbar, customers can be served two drinks in under 30 seconds, 3.6x times faster than a normal bar, enabling them to spend less time away from the action and more time enjoying the event itself.

Serving any beverage type in any cup type

Whether your audience is partial to a hoppy IPA, a glass of wine or a cocktail, the modern event attendee demands more choice and better quality of drinks than ever before.

Boxbar’s world-first full menu solution allows beverages of all types to be served in any cup, fresh in seconds. Event organisers do not have to invest in expensive specialised cups to deploy Boxbar machines at their event.

Reduced wastage

Automating beverage pouring means correct measures are poured for every drink, every time.

No theft and giveaways

Theft and giveaways are a thing of the past. Drinks are only dispensed once payment has been taken.

Improving the bottom line

Through increased sales, reduced wastage, theft and a vastly streamlined setup and management process, you will see significantly better margins and more profitable events and venues.

Learn more about Boxbar’s innovative automated self-service drinks solution in our latest blog post. If you’d like to speak about how a partnership with Boxbar will transform your beverage sales process and event outcomes, get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you.


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