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7 Reasons why Boxbar outshines a typical event bar operation

Quite a lot of us enjoy a drink. But not many of us enjoy the process of getting served for a drink, especially at major events, large venues, night clubs, festivals, arenas and stadiums. The process is time consuming, stressful and all too often ends by being served a poor quality drink.

And it’s not just a headache for the customer. Events organisers, hospitality businesses and bar operators are also faced with significant challenges when it comes to large scale beverage service for major events and venues.

But with Boxbar, a new future has arrived.

Read our seven reasons why Boxbar's automated, self-service drinks solution trumps traditional bar setups.

1. One staff member, pouring 14 drinks at once

We all know that at a traditional bar, typically each member of staff can serve one customer at a time.

With Boxbar, it’s a different story. One staff member can easily manage 7-8 machines, pouring up to 14 drinks simultaneously.

2. The need for speed

Boxbar dispenses 2 pints in 10-14 seconds and 2 spirit and mixers in just 6 seconds, serving a customer end-to-end within 30 seconds.

This is a staggering 360% increase in speed compared to a typical bar.

3. Quick and simple setup

Setting up a traditional bar is a complex and time-consuming affair, often requiring days to prepare for opening, along with resource-intensive staff training and onboarding processes.

Boxbar terminals are plug and play and can be set up in under 10 minutes, with staff training taking a mere 5 minutes.

Boxbar's brand new 3 Bank Fast Track plug & play terminal at The London Stadium

4. Simplified bar-backing

Bar-back operations are vastly streamlined with Boxbar, including automated WhatsApp stock level notifications. This reduces the need for constant restocking and enables staff to focus on customer interactions.

Traditional bars require continuous bar-back operations to restock supplies, often leading to interruptions in service.

5. Reduced overheads

Managing a traditional bar involves significant operational and management costs, for recruitment, expenses, staff no-shows and often having to address high turnover rates.

Boxbar significantly reduces the overhead costs associated with staffing and operational inefficiencies commonly found in traditional bars.

6. The end of theft and giveaways

Despite how much you trust your staff, theft and giveaways are an unfortunate but common challenge in traditional bars that impact profitability and inventory management.

With an automated system like Boxbar, theft and giveaways are completely eradicated.

7. The perfect pour, every time

Drinks at traditional event bars are often poorly served and do not meet customer expectations, resulting in wastage and dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there.

With Boxbar, you get the perfect pour every time, reducing wastage and keeping customers happy.

Boxbar represents a huge shift in bar service for events, venues and hospitality. The speed, efficiencies and impacts on profitability and customer experience are redefining the modern bar service experience.

If you’d like to learn more about how Boxbar can help reinvent your bars, get in touch today to arrange a demo.


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