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7 reasons you need to swap multi-pour MDU bar units for self-serve, automated technology

Happy Boxbar fans with pints of beer

Times are changing. Gone are the days of relying on big name headliners to pull in and keep fans coming back for more. The full fan experience at your events has never been more important: food, toilets, crowd management, accessibility, VIP options and last but certainly not least, queues, wait times and drinks.

Beverage sales are key to your events' success and profitability, but have you considered how you can maximise and optimise your beverage sales process and keep your fans happy?

If you’ve been using Multi-flow Dispense Units (MDUs) for beers and ciders at your events, venues, festivals and stadia, we’re here to tell you, there is a better way!

Find out how swapping multi-pour MDU bar units for self-service, automated drinks terminals like Boxbar will speed up service, increase sales, reduce overheads, improve margins and boost customer satisfaction levels, keeping fans coming back week after week, month after month and year after year.

1. Boxbar is 250% faster than a multi-pour MDU operated bar

We know pouring up to eight pints at once sounds fast, but in reality it takes an MDU operated bar 2:30-3 minutes to serve two pints of beer or cider. Any speed benefits of pouring multiple drinks simultaneously is also quickly lost when customers order a variety of drinks at once.

Boxbar on the other hand, dispenses 2 pints in 10-14 seconds, serves a customer end-to-end within 30 seconds and allows you to have dedicated drinks lanes for maximum efficiency.

2. Shorter queues and wait times

The more time it takes to serve your fans, the longer your queues become and the less drinks you serve per hour.

Individual Boxbar units serve up to 220 drinks per hour resulting in shorter queues, happier fans, more drinks served and better revenues.

3. Quick, simple and cost effective set up MDUs and typical bars require lots of setup and equipment. From large cooling systems to physical builds, set up is costly, time consuming and wastes valuable space on your event site.

Boxbar units have built-in coolers, take less than 10 minutes to set up and require a fraction of the space.

4. Wider variety of better quality drinks Multi-flow Dispense Units are limited to serving beer and cider only and their cooling systems are put under high amounts of stress in warm conditions, leading to flat, frothy drinks. Once poured, drinks can also sit for a long time before being served, adding to the overall poor quality and increasing the rate of returns from customers.

Boxbar can serve your full drinks menu - including beers, ciders, wine, spirits and mixers and cocktails - and offers a dedicated service for every fan, every time. Perfectly poured, cold fresh drinks, served immediately upon order.

5. Reduce wastage, boost profits MDUs are plagued by wastage. Poor cooling systems, a high rate of returns, over pouring and a lack of reporting on how many poured drinks are actually sold, all contribute to a highly inefficient process.

With Boxbar, you serve 87 out of 88 pints from every keg. Our superior cooling systems serve cold, fresh pints every time and drinks are never poured until they’ve been paid for, boosting efficiency and creating a more sustainable solution.

6. Smaller, more efficient teams How many people does it take to serve a drink? Between your bar back, MDU manager and server, it takes at least three people to serve one drink.

Boxbar allows your teams to be more efficient and productive. One staff member can assist up to eight machines, pouring 14 drinks at any one time.

Boxbar self-service festival set up

7. Integrated POS payments Running a traditional bar requires you to hire, and pay, for a POS system to take payment from your customers.

We do it all. Boxbar is both a self-service bar solution and a POS system all-in-one.

Multi-pour technology may have long been the standard at festivals, sports, arenas, venues and major events, but times are changing. Boxbar’s flexible and versatile solutions, from freestanding portable kiosks to in-built beer walls and beyond, are revolutionising the beverage service industries.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can partner with Boxbar to optimise your beverage sales, produce better margins, more successful and profitable events and delight your fans, get in touch today or arrange a demo. We’d love to hear from you.


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