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How self-service drinks technology is revolutionising sports venue bar operations

Green drinks machine at Celtic Park football ground

In the fast-paced world of sports, where every second counts and customer satisfaction is king, innovation is key to staying ahead of the game and when it comes to drinks service, innovation is something that has been desperately needed for years.

At major sporting events, be it football, rugby, cricket, horse racing, golf, tennis or American Football, the fan experience is paramount yet beverage service and bar operations at such events and venues has long needed improvements. Long wait times and queues and poor quality drinks, results in loss of customers and ultimately loss of revenue.

Enter Boxbar—a game-changing self-service drinks solution not just for festivals and music venues, but also for sports clubs, stadiums, and racecourses. Here's how Boxbar is making waves in sports.

1. Efficiency in Beverage Service

One of the most appealing features of Boxbar for sports businesses is its ability to eliminate pre-pouring and reduce wastage. With self-serve technology, drinks are poured on demand, ensuring freshness and minimising wastage.

2. Sell More in the Halftime Rush When the game hits halftime, everyone suffers. Long queues disrupt the fan experience and reduce operators' ability to make sales.

Boxbar is 360% faster than a traditional bar, significantly reducing queue times. This maximises sales during key moments and ensures fans have the best experience possible.

Collage of photos of West Ham United fans with beer
Boxbar in action at The London Stadium for West Ham United FC and Delaware North

3. Streamlined Staffing

By implementing Boxbar, sports venues can streamline operations and reduce reliance on temporary staff, leading to cost savings and improved resource management during events.

4. Space-Saving Design

Sports stadiums and venues often face spatial constraints, especially in high-traffic areas such as concourses. Boxbar's compact and agile terminals are ideal for venues with limited space, maximising efficiency without compromising on service.

Blue self-service drinks machines at Birmingham City FC
Boxbar beer terminals at Birmingham City FC (England, UK)

5. Branded Terminals

Promote events, offers, and sponsors directly to customers. This targeted advertising enhances engagement and boosts sponsorship revenue potential significantly.

5. Branding & Advertising Opportunities

Boxbar is fully customisable, allowing sports clubs and venues to white-label their terminals to match their brand or that of a partner or sponsor.

Incorporating on-screen adverts within Boxbar units allows sports clubs, venues and stadiums to promote events, offers, and sponsors directly to customers.

These branding and advertising opportunities enhance customer engagement and boosts sponsorship revenue potential significantly.

Celtic football fans buying drinks from a Boxbar self-service machine
A soft drinks Boxbar terminal in action at Celtic Park for Celtic Football Club

Boxbar has already made a significant impact in top-tier sports leagues including the Premier League (read about the launch of our latest terminal for West Ham United FC, The London Stadium and Delaware North here), The Scottish Premiership, Premiership Rugby and The EFL Championship. The feedback from these deployments underscores the transformative potential of self-service bar technology in sports venues of all kinds.

If you're involved with a sports club, stadium, or racecourse and are interested in reinventing your bar experience through automated self-service solutions, embracing the future of beverage service, get in touch today.

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