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Case Study Video: Aviva Studios and Super Serve serve fans 360% faster with Boxbar in record breaking delivery

Boxbar self-service drinks terminals on show at music venue


Over the course of December 2023, Manchester multipurpose cultural event facility, Factory International, welcomed DMA’s, Johnny Marr, Children of Zeus and Special Guests Ghetts to its Aviva Studios warehouse space for a string of busy gigs to see out the year in style.

With capacity crowds of 4500 people, Factory International and their official food and beverage partner, Super Serve needed a way to increase the event bar capacity of their warehouse space and ensure customers would be provided with a level of service they could be proud of.

To combat their challenges, the team turned to Boxbar as a trusted partner and together delivered the largest ever automated, self-service full-menu drinks deployment at an event–serving 11 products including pale ale, lager, cider and a variety of spirit and mixers.

Lightning Fast Service

Over the course of the events, Boxbar served thirsty fans 360% faster than the traditional bar at the venue, with up to two drinks being served in as little as 30 seconds.

This remarkable speed was a game-changer for all parties involved. Gig-goers were treated to an unparalleled beverage experience with a drastic reduction in queues and wait times. Whilst Factory International and Super Serve were able to eradicate theft and significantly increase selling capacity and revenue potential during the course of the events.

Staying Close To The Action

As is often the case, unfortunately, at gig and concert venues, the bar at Aviva Studios, Factory International is located in a separate room (on a separate floor) to where the gig takes place. This forces customers to leave the gig to get a drink.

However, Boxbar’s flexibility and simple set up allowed for 25 custom-branded, mobile self-service terminals to be placed strategically within the gig room itself, allowing fans to quench their thirst – with any of the 11 drinks on offer – without ever missing a beat of the action.

Adding To The Bottom Line

In addition to a markedly improved fan experience, reduced wastage and overheads and rapid serving times, the deployment allowed our partners to unlock revenue from a previously unused area of their venue adding significantly to the financial success of the events.

Through leveraging a partnership with Boxbar, Super Serve and Factory International delivered a series of gigs that not only elevated the level of beverage service offered to their attendees but also significantly enhanced the financial outcomes delivered for the venue and its partners.

If you’d like to find out how Boxbar could help you reinvent your event, venue, arena or festival bars, get in touch today.


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